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Latest news

Several New Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Gameplay Videos Releas

View the latest post Posted by: TheSaint070 » Mon Aug 05, 2013 1:10 pm

Several Battlefield YouTube personalities have been sent new footage from Battlefield 4′s multiplayer component by DICE. The footage was taken from the latest build of the game and was recorded in Spectator Mode with the HUD turned off.

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FG Warzone! on wolffiles.de!!!

View the latest post Posted by: I-2-Stupid » Wed Jul 10, 2013 1:13 pm

I think we did it! Thats make me proud hope some other here too.!
{WeB}*DOG* posted our lovley FG Warzone map on wolffiles.de!! (Thanks for that again!)

-|FG|- FOREVER! <3


Link to wolffiles.de: http://www.wolffiles.de/index.php?news-390

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ETLive and ETLegacy

View the latest post Posted by: RioAlex » Tue Jul 09, 2013 1:04 pm

Soo! Many of you have heard about those 2...The ET:LIVE and ET:LEGACY,and this here will be a pretty much explanation and FAQ what those 2 actaully are....


Enemy Territory:Legacy

ET:Legacy is and actual mode for ET,one that is diffrent than all the others (NQ,JAYMOD,ETPUB,ETPRO)...Its different by what it brings,a totally new client,tons of new setting,higher quality,better compitability,better textures,lower ping,and the best possible gameplay experience....
It's in the development for some time now,and there is not many number of bugs at the moment,the first stable release(2.71) is out,and its working perfectly...My recommendation is to try it out...But look out,u cant use splatterladder.com to join servers,u have to enter the ET Legacy client,and find or enter the IP...

ET:Legacy Website

Download ET:Legacy client from HERE

Enemy Territory:Live


ET:Live is another ET client,only this time,its a unique BROWSER client...Yes thats right,u will be able to play ET directly from ur browser,and with that there will be some new additions,like friend,fav servers,match finding and others....
ET:Live is based on ET:Legacy mod,it is currently in alpha stage,the development is going good for now,

ETLive.pro/org wrote:This project will contain an entirely new way of playing Enemy Territory. Users will be able to create their account and play instantly after downloading the browser plugin and downloading the base of ETLive. One major issue this resolves with ET, is that it eliminates issues in players finding their first game, going from 2.55 to 2.60 and then to 2.60b, and then having to proceed to download a vast number of pk3 files when they finally get on to joining a server.
Once your account has been created on ETLive, and you are ready to play, you can invite your friends using the in-browser buddy system or join your friends in their games in progress.
As the current releases of Enemy Territory, ETLive will have dedicated servers, but with more functionality. ETLive supports ranking and achievements, meaning that you can play your games for profile achievements and work to build your score up and possibly work your way up leader-boards, or just outrank your friends. Of course achievements are not entirely the focus of the game, and they’re there just to improve your experience and enjoyment of the game. YCN will be supporting game-servers on ETLive and are closely working with the development and helping as much as possible to ensure that this project is as enjoyable and successful as possible.

Competitive support

Of course if there is YCN, there will be GamesTV! We hope that the release will swiftly also have a TV protocol similar to the current features and performance of the current protocol, this should ensure that the competitive scene is taken care of also in the potential move over to ETLive. The competitive side of Enemy Territory is also important to the success of ETLive, we have also been in talks with TZ-AC about the future of anti-cheat on a new Enemy Territory client and anti-cheat will be implemented into ETlive from day one.

Unique features

As we mentioned before, it is hard for new gamers to join, however with the appearance of the currently client, players may be discouraged to try ETLive also. We are considering potentially improving the appearance of the client for ETLive which will possibly bring in new players. Another feature is potential new game modes such as Domination, which is in current Call of Duty style games.

Current setbacks

You may be thinking “Well this is just going to go a month and be forgotten”, well ETLive has currently been on and off in development for a long time, and has been kept quiet to avoid legal issues. Ideas have come to light about how to avoid these, and keep ETLive as secure as possible, and ETLive is in a stage at the moment where it is loaded into the browser and playable. We say this but please note, it is a far way to go.

Who are we?

ETLive is a very small project at this time, and there are only 2 main developers, and other people who are contributing other stuff into the project. The two developers are Kai “Apologet” Rathmann, and Eamon “Dutchmeat” Woortman. Both developers are from the RTCW scene in the past, and have ran communities in Enemy Territory and RTCW in the past.

The near future

The intention now is to release a closed Alpha by December and to have basic LUA support from day one. The Alpha will be very limited and unfortunately only invitational, however we will keep you updated on the development at our website which will contain development news at http://etlive.entirely.pro/ where we and YCN are active.
Be sure to follow our progress and keep up to date on our website, we promise to keep you updated with news and updates.

ET:Live Website


Is this the bright future of W:ET?Will new players arrive with the development of ET:Live?
Only time will tell.....


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Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Info & Gameplay

1, 2

View the latest post Posted by: Faddn » Mon Jun 10, 2013 11:28 pm

    Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Info & Gameplay

    The multiplayer was revealed with a big bang this evening. Impressive footages of a skyscraper collapsing, better destruction and squad teamwork with an commander coordinating every attack.

    Further more information was given regarding the one of the first "map packs".
    The pack will feature four of the most fan-favorite maps from Battlefield 3.
    http://www.battlefield.com/battlefield- ... reorderBf4

    Official "Siege of Shanghai" Multiplayer Trailer:

    Official Commander Mode Trailer:

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Battlefield 4 Official Angry Sea Single Player Gameplay

View the latest post Posted by: TheSaint070 » Mon Jun 10, 2013 10:30 pm

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