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Comet030 on 26 Mar - 20:57
It's been a while =) i miss those times!
H4rl3 on 16 Feb - 13:22
Homepage needs an update ;)
Prost! Harle
AcKeNaR on 28 Jul - 18:36
Hihowohaw! I´ve just seen the bookmark while i was making a sec copy and just logged in to say HELLO MATES, I STILL REMEMBER AND ALSO MISS YOU ALL A BIT.
CaptainQwark on 28 Feb - 21:09
well hi. playing on FA servers atm.
Pager0 on 27 Feb - 21:09
Happy birthday Hadmastah! :D
Pager0 on 21 Feb - 12:19
Heyo Stupid0oo :D
I-2-Stupid on 18 Feb - 22:21
hey pagerooo
Pager0 on 4 Feb - 19:37
Helloooo how is everyone holding up during the pandemic? Hope everyone is doing allright :)
RedNeckRookie on 11 May - 19:43
holy sh*t what a trip down the memory lane this is. used to play ET daily back in 2006-2008
-|FG|-IoNiDe on 9 Nov - 22:09
There is no spoon without a woman!


Battlefield 4 Beta Anounced!

News posted by the Flame Guards community.

Battlefield 4 Beta Anounced!

Postby RioAlex » Mon Sep 16, 2013 9:30 pm

Today,EA announced the approx date of Open and Closed beta start! So,u better prepare your PC's since the newest EA shooter is going open BETA in early October,also for people that MoH : W limited edion or Digital Deluxe edition the Exclusive BETA will start about early October aswell...So,be prepeared!


Battlefield.com wrote:We are happy to announce the dates for the Battlefield 4™ Open Beta and the Battlefield 4™ Exclusive Beta. We value your feedback, so this is your chance to try out an early version of the game and help us make Battlefield 4™ better!

Battlefield 4™ Beta FAQ

Q: When does the Open Beta start for Battlefield 4™?
A: The Open Beta launches early October 2013 for everyone. The Battlefield 4™ Open Beta will feature Conquest mode on the Siege of Shanghai map.

Q: When does the Exclusive Battlefield 4™ Beta start?
A: The exclusive Beta starts early October 2013.

Q: Who can access the exclusive Battlefield 4™ Beta?
A: There are several ways to get into the exclusive Battlefield 4™ Beta: By pre-ordering the Battlefield 4™ Digital Deluxe Edition on Origin.com, by being a Battlefield 3: Premium member, and by being a registered owner of Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition.

Q: What is the purpose of the Battlefield 4™ Beta?
A: The Beta gives us a chance to properly test our servers, the back end, and configure the multiplayer components of the game. By taking part, you will help us in ensuring a smooth launch for Battlefield 4™. You’ll also have the option to feedback directly to us with any gameplay ideas, bugs you find, and other thoughts on the Beta experience.

Q: I am a Battlefield 3™ Premium member. What platform will I be able to access the exclusive Battlefield 4™ Beta on?
A: You will get access on the same platform that your Battlefield 3 Premium membership is tied to (PC, Xbox 360, or PlayStation 3.) This exclusive Beta will be available world-wide on all platforms, with the exception of Japan and rest of Asia on PS3.

Q: I have multiple potential entry points into the Battlefield 4™ Beta from different platforms -- Can I choose which platform to access the Battlefield 4™ Beta on, or give one of my invitations to a friend?
A: In these cases you will be able to access the Battlefield 4™ Beta on several platforms. Access is tied to your Origin ID and is non-transferable.

Q: I am eligible to access the exclusive Battlefield 4™ Beta in multiple ways -- Will I get several invites to access the exclusive Beta? If yes, can I share them?
A: If these entry points are all on the same platform (e.g. MOHW DD + BF4 DD), it would count as 1 invite. Access is tied to your Origin ID and is non-transferable.

Q: If I have an entry point on one platform, can I choose to play the Beta on another platform (For example, Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition PS3 player who wants to play the beta on PC?)
A: You will get access on the same platform that your entry point is tied to.

This is a quote from BF4 Beta FAQ,explains some things....

I bet u cant wait :)

Source : Battlefield.com
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Re: Battlefield 4 Beta Anounced!

Postby 0ptiC » Tue Sep 17, 2013 8:21 am

Wow. My rig is already sweating. But this... is going to be awesome!
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Re: Battlefield 4 Beta Anounced!

Postby Macom » Tue Sep 17, 2013 11:08 pm

It will be good?

"Only time, will tell" :D
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Re: Battlefield 4 Beta Anounced!

Postby SAGITARIUS_BG » Sat Oct 05, 2013 10:11 pm

For now I'm not impressed by the game but since it's a Beta we do not have expect much...

They are many bugs, glitches,it's freezes even on monster machines with nVidia and AMD graphic cards so this means that it's not hardware related problems but only bugs.

I think that they made a mistake that didn't open the game for public sooner because that way they will find more bugs sooner not after the release.
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