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Rulebook English
Flame Guards Server Rules
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
English - Nederlands (Dutch) - Deutsch (German) - Français (French) - Polska (Polish) - Eesti (Estonian) - Suomi (Finnish) - Español (Spanish) - Italiano (Italian)
The Flame Guards community enforces a zero-tolerance policy against cheaters. Therefore every cheater or anyone who admits to cheating will be banned permanently. You won’t be a candidate for an unban.
Spawnkilling; Spawncamping; Neutral Spawns
Killing the enemy in their spawn (spawnkill) or shooting the enemy from your spawn (spawncamping) is not allowed. The spawn is known as the place where a team starts.

A few spawns are capturable. If such a neutral spawn is obtained by a team, the concerning team is able to spawn there. You are allowed to shoot enemies inside these spawns, as long as you are attempting to capture the spawn!

  • A player may only be killed inside the spawn if he carries an objective. Hitting or killing anyone else is considered spawnkill.
  • Killing a spawncamping person is not allowed and is considered spawnkill. Instead, notify us about the person and we will handle it from there.
  • You are not allowed to sit above or near a spawn where splash damage can hurt or kill players inside the spawn. The spawncamping rule applies here.
  • Spawns which have only one exit may not be blocked by artillery or heavy weapons from the opposite team. The spawnkill rule applies here.
  • Killing a player after pushing him out of spawn is considered spawnkilling.
Teamkilling; Teambleeding
Killing your teammates is not allowed. Massive teamkills will lead to temporary removal from the server. If you kill a teammate by accident, say sorry (V-4-5) and there will be no problems.

Teambleeding (shooting your teammate, but not killing him) is not allowed. When this happens by accident, apologize to the player and play on.

  • For medics, you can heal a player with the needle when he is low on HP. You may teambleed the player ONLY if their health is low (orange - red - roughly half HP or less) and use needle to heal (Works when health is in the RED). This saves time as it is faster than using med kits.
It is not allowed to push your teammates when this is unnecessary. If a player is blocking your path and you can walk past him, please do. Pushing teammates off high altitudes so they fall to their deaths is considered intentional teamkilling.
XP-Whoring (or farming) is when a player doesn't participate in the battle and chooses to stay back (usually in the spawn) and give ammo/med packs to his teammates. It is only allowed to do this if both the giver and receiver benefit from this in a effective way.
Chat behavior
Flame Guards is an international community, therefore the language spoken in the global chat and teamchat is English. You are free to talk in any language in fireteams and in Personal Messages (PMs).

It's not allowed to swear, insult, whine, spam or flood the chat. Violating these rules will result in a !mute
Advertising & Recruiting
Advertising and recruiting are NOT allowed and will be punished with a permanent ban.

As an engineer it is not allowed to defuse a friendly dynamite or mine to plant it back as your own, thus getting the kill(s). It's not allowed to push another engineer away from construction materials to construct the object by yourself and thus getting the XP for this. This rulebreak will be punished with a warn or a kick.

Covert Ops

As a covert ops, you're not allowed to take another covert ops' suit in any way (by teamkilling or pushing, for example). The player who kills the enemy, gets its suit. If the covert ops decides not to take the uniform, you're allowed to steal the uniform.

Medic or Field Ops

See 'XP-Whoring'.
The -|FG|- tag is exclusive for members and admins (level 8 and higher) of the Flame Guards community. Wearing this tag without the invite of an admin is not allowed and will result in a permanent ban.
You gain levels by following our rules and being a good player. Asking for levels is not allowed and work contrarily. Be patient!
The Flame Guards community restricts nicknames which are offensive, racist, World War 2-related, or confusing. If you are not sure about a name, ask online admins. Default names (ETPlayer or UnnamedPlayer) are asked to choose a proper name.
Bugs and Exploits
It is not allowed to use bugs or exploits. It is disallowed to use secret rooms in any kind of map, if they obstruct the objective or are in clear disadvantage for the other players. Entering the secret rooms in MLB-maps will result in an instant ban.
Infight Selfkilling
To give players a fair battle, we don’t allow infight selfkills. Whenever you are not in a battle, you’re free to selfkill at any time.
On servers where voting is enabled (either by the menu in-game or via the /callvote command), it's not allowed to vote when -|FG|- members are online. If there are no -|FG|- members online, you are free to call a vote.

Repeatedly calling votes will eventually result in a !kick.
You are the sole person responsible for your account. If another person gains access to your account and ends up banned, it will be no excuse for an unban request.

Store your etkey (stored in etmain folder) on a safe place. It grants you access to your gained levels and XP.
Flame Guards Punishment System
When a player performs any action specified by the Rules above, admins may perform 3 kinds of punishment. When a first or light offense is made, you will receive a !warn. Continued behaviour or hard offenses will result in an instant !kick without warning. When have been kicked and still continue your behaviour, you are subject to a temporary or permanent !ban.

However, above policy is never a fixed protocol. An admin has the right to apply punishment as he sees needed to maintain the server fun for everyone in the best possible manner. Hence, it may be possible to receive a !ban without being kicked first and a !kick without being warned first.

Cheaters will always receive a permanent !ban.
Filing a complaint
In conjunction with the punishments stated above, every player has right to file a complaint if he/she feels unjustly punished. To do so, you can open a topic containing your specific case as detailed as possible, or contact the specific admin in game through PM. Well argumented and polite complaints will always be reviewed. Rude, offensive and complaints containing cursing or profane language will not be reviewed.
I have been banned, now what?
The only way to get officially unbanned is by writing Unban Request on our forums, in proper section. Trying to evade this rule is considered Banevading, and will result in losing any chance for an unban.
Questions & Reports
If you have any questions about one of our rules, or if you see a player violating the rules, please contact us about it.

On the servers, use /m -|FG|- [MESSAGE]. On forums, open a topic or send a personal message to one of the Flame Guards members.
English - Nederlands (Dutch) - Deutsch (German) - Français (French) - Polska (Polish) - Eesti (Estonian) - Suomi (Finnish) - Español (Spanish) - Italiano (Italian)
Have fun and play fair!

These rules are set up by the Flame Guards community admins and members.

Version 2010 - Latest update: March 2010

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