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Happy birthday!
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Sis on 28 Jan - 17:29
I'm playing on FA servers in case you are interested in getting back to ET and finding a nice place to play at, really cool and helpful people there , also quite a few former FG members :)
Macom on 22 Jan - 23:32
Holly molly :) nice to see you all still here !
Mappa on 22 Jan - 12:08
It's been like 4 years since my last activity here but today I got randomly reminded about ET and my first thought was FG. I miss those great times on old FG3 (etpub <3) and later on FG2. I'm sad to see this place dead but it lasted quite long anyway as for a gaming community. Still I'm happy to see some of you around on shoutbox. Hopefully we will meet some day, in some game :) R.I.P. FG
bowling on 5 Jan - 09:14
Spambots keeping the site alive, such good guys
-|FG|-IoNiDe on 24 Dec - 23:28
Merry Xmas! You will find me at War thunder under name of ionide...

missing the good times
Sis on 21 Dec - 21:09
Also love you all <3
Sis on 21 Dec - 21:03
Wow, never realised people still checked the website, servers are all down, I have moved on to another community, feel free to find me :) RIP FG
CaptainQwark on 18 Dec - 00:53
Sup. Site full of spambots I C.
SanteeNL on 9 Dec - 15:33
What's up, just taking a look, few years back FG was already kinda history, now this is just a ghostsite with a few spambots... Man always remember those good times on FG#3 anf FG#2 after that Oo 2006 was THE year, now... we are almost 10 years further... I feel so old :D
daft_drunk on 25 Nov - 13:31
Soo i haven't been here for a long time. Was up are fg still active? I see all servers is down. ?

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