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daft_drunk on 25 Nov - 13:31
Soo i haven't been here for a long time. Was up are fg still active? I see all servers is down. ?
Dulecki on 25 Oct - 21:53
RioAlex on 27 Sep - 00:14
We lost Fragger somewhere,cant find the man anywhere :P
Hadmaster on 24 Sep - 13:22
Almondooooo ^^
SAGITARIUS_BG on 19 Sep - 18:45
Yes it is so sad, but if the current management cant handle the FG group why do not give it to someone who will continue the legacy?
SaSuKe_Sof on 16 Sep - 19:59
Pity it ended like that, so many good moments on ET servers ;D
RioAlex on 13 Sep - 01:01
If anyone sees this,send me a pm with your email if you wanna stay in contact,spent all night reading the forums,really miss you guys!!
AlMoNd on 11 Jul - 19:23
bb FG :(
KooolaNL on 23 Jun - 20:49
monkey on 16 Jun - 23:07
hello is there servers anymore?

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