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Sis on 29 Aug - 21:32
Not that much but sometimes we wanna look back at our history :)
Macom on 29 Aug - 21:29
This all thanks Dima spam ;]
Black-Soldier on 29 Aug - 21:02
Wow! Just came here because I received a PM. Didn't think there would be any activity here.
Macom on 29 Aug - 20:00
holla holla ! :D
LJSilver on 29 Aug - 07:31
yeah all ways at some point been crazy times
Sis on 28 Aug - 08:12
Wow people do return :)
LJSilver on 12 Aug - 01:37
Long John Silver was here... those who know me if your still online msg me I be back in few days and check msgs... respect.. been a long time. LJS
LJSilver on 12 Aug - 01:18
Faddn sup homie are you still around - wow been a while yes I am going to spam the chat box cause I can
LJSilver on 12 Aug - 01:15
yes Long John Silver -
LJSilver on 12 Aug - 01:12
Sup Peeps - I forgot all my login crap - Who IS STILL HERE

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